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Acupuncture With Your Experienced Tampa Chiropractortampa acupuncture

Here at American Spinal Center, your source for an expert Tampa chiropractor, our doctors can help you in many ways, including acupuncture. Acupuncture comes from traditional Chinese medicine, but as its popularity has grown in the Western world, modern scientific research has also been done that shows it to be effective against pain. Acupuncture is also commonly used for various other purposes, including fertility treatments, depression and smoking cessation.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture is performed using small needles inserted in various places in the body. However, rest assured that our very thin needles are barely perceptible to most people and well-tolerated. The placement of the needles is determined by the condition being treated, and they remain in place for a variable amount of time depending on the condition, usually between five and 30 minutes.

Chinese medicine describes acupuncture as relieving blocked qi, the body's natural energy. Western medicine explains the function of acupuncture as stimulating various nerves and hormones. The placement of the needles determines which parts of the body's systems are stimulated. Stimulating the body's systems to work better can improve well-being by actually fixing the problem rather than just providing a bandage. This means that acupuncture is a more lasting solution than drugs and a safer one than surgery.

What Does Acupuncture Work On?

The list of conditions that acupuncture has been used successfully on is very long. Research is strongest when it comes to chronic pain such as back, neck and knee pain. This pain may be caused by injury, past illness, or a condition such as osteoarthritis. For people in the area, a Tampa chiropractor is the ideal professional to work with when it comes to chronic pain issues. The doctors at American Spinal Center can offer acupuncture and several other effective forms of treatment as needed.

Acupuncture is a beneficial addition to western medicine as well as an alternative to drugs or surgery. For people who are not finding complete relief but still wish to use western medicine, acupuncture can be safely added to their treatment plan. People who find it hard to do some of the things that are known to relieve pain in the long run, such as exercise, may find it beneficial to receive acupuncture treatments so that they can be more physically active.

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Our experienced doctors at American Spinal Center would love to provide you with acupuncture. Your first appointment will include a detailed evaluation, explanation of how our treatments work, and the development of a personalized plan just for you. Call us today to book an appointment or ask any questions you might have. Our number is (813) 933-1511.

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